pension funds



ProFinance places its experience and know-how at the disposal of pension funds of all sizes. We adapt our methods and our tools to meet your needs and requirements in the fields of investment, governance, communication, as well as training. 


With independence, autonomy and transparency, ProFinance’s mission is to guide you in the planning, execution and monitoring of your investments. We help you take ownership of or optimise your investment process so that you can better manage your costs and gain greater autonomy in the management of your wealth. Our work takes place in full cooperation with the Pension Fund Committee.

We work with many financial institutions and we respect the relationships you have built with your partners. ProFinance is not a bank; we neither provide custodian services nor do we promote financial products.


Our research and advice are provided with neutrality and impartiality and without conflict of interest. The research and advice we provide represent our only source of revenue.


ProFinance helps you with your communication needs. Our solutions enable you to document every stage of your investment process in order to meet your legal obligations to pension holders or regulatory authorities in the management of the pension fund.


ProFinance also provides training in the field of finance and pension schemes to pension fund’s members.


With its investment philosophy strongly focused on ethics, ProFinance contributes to good governance of your pension fund.


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